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WII- WBFS Data Recovery

Recently one person with his teenage son came to our Data Recovery Lab. The Son was very desperate and worried about his hard disk because his 5-6 year’s games collection was stored on that physically damaged drive. After analysis we told them that, first of all we will repair your disk for accessing the data, after that we will try to recover your game data.
That disk was a physical case and HSA (Head Stack Assembly ) was damaged. We repair that hard drive after changing the damaged part and make a clone of that games hard disk.

In initial scanning we were not able to find any valid file system and data. But after some deep analysis with third party hex editor we found it was a WBFS (Wii Backup File system) and all Wii games data files were randomly positioned in the disk. After doing some research on that file system we were managed to create ISO files of all stored Wii- Games. And in last we were able to bring smile on our clients face.

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