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TrueCrypt Encrypted Drive Data Recovery

Recently we received a call at our support number (+91-124-4388053), regarding an old laptop drive in our Lab, with lots of bad sectors and client wants to recover all important data. Drive was not detecting in Disk management ,and drive was almost inaccessible. The drive had weak heads so was not giving access and giving some clicking sound also.
After working on drive our engineers make it workable and it took about one week for its successful cloning. The next challenge was that the drive volumes were encrypted by “True Crypt” encryption, it is a freeware encryption and had many unfixed security issues.Although it was not so secure. Customer did not remember the password and gave many permutation and combinations. After several attempts we were able to login but partitions were not mounting in volumes and even system was not booting in original laptop.
After several hours of research and digging in to drives at hex- byte levels, we were able to repair manually the corrupted portion and able to give a smile at customers face.

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