Tape Recovery

The utilization of tape for information storage and information recovery in the computer industry has been there since decades as tape gave a strong and robust method for storing code and data, alongside a far easier cost-of-ownership than the available hard disk options.
Tapes may appear to be sturdy physically. The interior disk cavity is sensitive to magnetic fields. Thus, tapes require high maintenance. Improper care simply leads to overwriting. Consequently, there is a massive loss of data.

The significant advantage of the tape drives is the amount of storage space that they offer. It ranges from a few Megabytes to about 800 GB that too without compression. If the data stored in a tape is lost due to any physical damage, there will be significant loss of data. CSSI is the trusted name in India that provides services in tape data recovery, digital forensics, RAID recovery, drive recovery, etc.

Modern tape technology exposes certain structural weaknesses; this makes them prone to data loss. Hence, planning for tape data recovery is necessary process for any company that cannot afford significant downtimes due to data loss. CSSI Research India provides tape data recovery services. There are different brands and architectures of tape drives and media formats like LTO 1, DLT 1, and Sony AIT 1. Any data lost through overwriting and drive failures can be restored by our experience technicians. When a tape cannot be read or restored from, in most cases it has either developed bad blocks or the software cannot locate the logical location of files stored in sequential (linear) format on the media.

With over 15 years of experience in this field, CSSI Research India has a highly trained team of experts who implement the best procedure for the tape data recovery. We can assist and restore your needed backup tapes, or reconstruct them from faulty media. We even have technology to repair cut, torn, or broken Tape cartridges and restore such data.

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