Snap Server Recovery

Flash Drive are one of the primary storage used in portable devices such and Phone, Tablets etc. These devices used memory card as external storage devices. Apart from memory cards pen drives are also residing in same categories. As in Flash based storage family the SSD’s become mainstream so is the need to perform sophisticated recovery on such devices. As there are no moving parts and are classified as an emerging new technology not many providers have the tools or skill set required for such drives.
This includes memory sticks, USB Flash, Memory cards, PCMCIA devices, PCI Raid Cards (PCI Express cards), and other non-volatile storage devices.

The recovery on SSD’s and such devices requires the ability to extract data from memory cells and get into each memory chip and device and reconstruct this data. At the same time such devices use special compression and algorithms that requires us to know the chipset used, the controller and in some cases assemble and “wave soldering” ( to enable us to access and recover your data.

In some cases, if a memory cell is faulty or an inherent fault prevents you from access to your SSD or memory device, our service can provide you at reasonable cost the recovery of your data. The analysis can take up to 3 hours, and in most cases the full recovery can be completed within hours under most circumstances. sometimes a damaged or corrupted file system memory cards, Windows may prompt you to format the respective memory card when it tries to read and access the card. Please ignore that message and do not format it before you recover the desired data. It is recommended do not overwrite data, and avoid any further use of the memory card or any flash drive.

Memory cards and Flash devices recoveries start from $48.00 and the analysis in our labs is done at zero cost allowing India CSSI lab to analyses each unique case and provide you a personalized and the best quote under each event. We are dedicated to provide excellent and cost effective solution to our customers with time critical module.

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