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RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recovery cases always require all the drives that are involved in the setup, even if the problem was only caused by one failed drive. Sending in all drives provides the best chance for successful recovery. CSSI is capable of dealing with all kinds of multi-disk setups, from just a bunch of disks (JBOD) to every RAID configuration from RAID 0 to RAID 6 and proprietary RAID systems like DROBOs as well.

Our Technicians specialize in both RAID Data Recovery and Server Data Recovery. We can recover RAIDs and Servers with any type of configuration including Virtual Servers and Network RAIDs.

We can not predict when data loss will happen, but we can surely ensure your data recovery. When faced with a data loss situation, the best action would be to contact CSSI immediately so we can assist and take the correct steps to provide the best possible results to recover your data. To ensure no further damage is done, please disconnect the device from power and fill out the form above to begin the data recovery process.

Are you unable to access RAID data, Raid server got failed?

CSSI India engineers can work on any type of Raid configurations, any operating systems, any file systems e.g. NTFS, Ext3/4FS, XFS, ZFS, UFS, HFS,Btrfs etc., any brands like Dell servers, HP, Info trend, Lenovo, IBM, QNAP, Synology, WD, Netgear, Drobo etc. with any type of virtualization of windows (VHDX, VHD) , VMware ( Flat Vmdk or Sparse VMdks).

If Raid Array got Failed!!!

First thing we need to stop using immediately, a failure of any of drive in raid array, people try to rebuild or repair the array. Such type of operation may lead to corruption or permanent data loss. In our general practice we got such type of cases, in which raid data got corrupted after raid rebuild process (maximum cases).

Common issues in which we can work:-

  • Raid Controller cards failure or damaged
  • Raid Configuration corrupted
  • One or two drives went offline and server stops working
  • Any of one drive became bad in Raid 0 due to bad sectors or mechanical failure
  • In case of Raid 1 , if two drives went offline then volume will not visible
  • Raid partition corruption
  • Accidental deletion of any volume or LUN
  • Fire or Flood damage
  • Specialize in Raid 0, Raid 10, Raid 5, Raid 50, Raid 6, Raid Z implementation

In case of Raid failures, we also provide the Remote data recovery, in which we do analysis remotely in case of logical failure and we perform raid analysis and Raid recovery online at client premises. It saves recovery time, costing, and data remain secure in their environment.

In case of physical failures of any drives from an array, then you need to send all drives of raid to our lab. We analyses the drive and try to repair the hard disk , so after that we can create raid configuration virtually and will do Raid data recovery.

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