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Laptop Data Recovery

Hard Disk Drives are most primary storage source used for storage of numerous data frequently all along the globe. Computer Storage services India (CSSI) provides data recovery services from every type of hard disk drives and SSD’s drive. Every day, CSSI recovers a solid state and hard drives from USA, Europe, India, Asia, and Brazil and from Africa. With over 55,000 recovered cases, our capability of recovery is extensive; employing some of the most sophisticated technology available and the company also has won a Ministerial award for its research and development in Science and Technology. All brands and types of devices (SATA, eSATA, 1.8”, Micro drives, Fiber Channel (FC), IDE, Notebook drives (2.5”), SCSI, SAS and SSD’s) can be recovered in lab or through our remote data recovery service. More often than not, the data recovery would be able to recover some or all of the data that was lost. We at CSSI work by scanning your entire hard disk, finding the data, mapping out the data, and then recovering the data. We help you recover as many different data formats as possible that a window user would typically use.