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Internal Corporate Investigation

Advancing Your Data Recovery in the field of Internal Corporate Investigation 


At CSSI We Recover Data, we understand that today’s research leads to tomorrow’s technology and best practices. As technology continues to evolve, our engineers are working to discover new ways to recover data on it.

Wrongdoing by individual employees and executives may result in termination or, in some cases, criminal prosecution. Too often companies rush into an investigation, respectively conducting the investigation itself, investigating collateral issues, or hiring counsel without the necessary experience or expertise.

 In the aspect of corporate investigation we retrieve the Data and Preservation Immediately after convening an investigation. Companies should preserve all information and documents that may be relevant to the issue under investigation. Because sources and type of data depend on a company’s technology infrastructure, investigators should interview information technology personnel to determine how data is created and stored by the company. At CSSI we immensely determine the approach to data preservation, which may include document preservation notices, imaging of hard drives and personal devices, and suspension of automated data purging protocols. After data and documents are preserved, investigators should assemble relevant materials for review in advance of employee interviews. 

Under the right circumstances, conducting an effective corporate internal investigation protected by the attorneyclient privilege can benefit the company in a number of ways: 

  • Revealing all of the relevant facts so that management and/or the board can make a fully informed decision as to how best to proceed;
  • Stopping the conduct to prevent further violations; 
  • Memorializing the company’s good-faith response to the facts as they become known;
  • Insulating management and/or the board against allegations of complicity; and
  • Promoting a culture of transparency and compliance throughout the organization.



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