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Hard Disk Data Recovery

We understand that experiencing data loss can be a stressful situation, but we have built our service to be as simple and stress free as possible. After years of sending our customers to other recovery labs, we decided to build and implement our own recovery lab in order to both lower the costs to our customers and provide a hassle free recovery experience.

The first and the most important step is to Switch off the drive or remove it from the system, do not try to access it with another system or run any utility to access data. It could degrade the drive’s health and could affect the quality of data retrieval.

The recorded Common problems that we encountered with hard drives during retrieval of data:-

  • Bad Sectors
  • Read Errors
  • PCB Problems
  • File System Corruption
  • Firmware issues
  • Partitions are not shown
  • Asked for formatting
  • Able to See folders, not able to copy data

We can do 99% healthy data recovery from above mentioned issues. Along that in case of physically damaged drives, that could be damaged internally by itself or by falling down or by physical shock. The internal parts like Heads, Platter or Motor can be damaged. There are under following scenarios like:-

  • No Spinning or powering On
  • Ticking or Clicking Sound
  • Buzzing Sound
  • Drive not getting detecting in System
  • Giving Wrong Drive Size

These are very common problems which are resolved by our engineers on daily basis. The chances of recovery could be less if the internal damage is of scratched Platter. We can do recovery if Heads are damaged but Platters are healthy.

If you face any issues in your internal or external hard disk, you can call at CSSI Data Recovery. Our team is capable of handling all type of situation and always tried to recover maximum data loss. You can call at our helpline number or submit the form for your query.