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Risk Management

The risk related to data breach has significantly increased in recent times– no matter how advanced and proactive your security measures are. So, how can you efficiently respond to security incidents along with the full resources to ensure a proper breach investigation? Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings. These risks stem from a variety of sources including financial uncertainties, legal liabilities, technology issues, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disaster.
Accessing the expert advice for guiding further insight into how Digital forensics can help to frame proper incident response plan (IRP) that is associated with your information Risk Management and compliance strategies. Your data security risks grow in the face of disruptive challenges. Whether you’re faced with data breaches, a skills shortage, or data privacy compliance, CSSI Data Recovery always keep in mind to weigh the proper level of security governance against your business objectives.

Causes of Vulnerability:-

  • What’s the exact difference between computer security and computer forensics?
  • Is a formal forensics analysis needed for every suspected or known security breach?
  • How do I integrate computer forensics with my compliance programs?

With proper advancement, preparation, procedures and management, forensic laboratories can employ technology successfully to improve performance and quality, while mitigating the associated risks. Companies are using advanced data analytics techniques to enhance their risk functions.

CSSI Data Recovery simultaneously assesses all the above challenges with almost capabilities and maturity against best practices in security, and can help you to optimize your security operations center. Our experts recover upto 100% data from all kind of data loss situations. We also guarantee recovery of your lost data with complete data security, confidentiality & privacy.

These are some key points to consider when implementing processes and practices for any organization interested in highlighting their ability to successfully oversee business risk.


Data Retention

The computer systems used to store the generated data files (raw and processed) can encounter problems that lead to loss of information. Under these circumstances,   Our (CSSI) technology and expertise help to deliver best results even in the most critical data loss situations .The original data files can be recovered from hard disks using digital forensic methods. Being the professionals we know the procedures in place to identify all data sources; continually monitor network traffic, maintain encryption keys, cloud backups, authentication logs, and electronic communication channels to retain the data.

Evidence Reliability

To manage the risks of accidental alteration and intentional tampering, traditional provenance tracking practices in forensic laboratories must be updated to employ digitalized chain of custody ledger solutions. We adhere to strict data privacy policies and make sure that your data remains protected and secure in the safe hands throughout the data recovery process.

Digital Traceability

Forensic laboratories are gradually using a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to record information about the full lifecycle of evidence in a forensic laboratory including submission, chain of custody, and results. To reduce the risks of undetected or unattributed alterations to LIMS data, it is necessary to require unique user accounts for all the actions and to maintain detailed electronic audit logs.  CSSI Data Recovery provides 100% safe, secure and private recovery to each and every client which is been confidential and kept between the main user and the particular employee.

Computer System Malfunction

Forensic laboratories are more progressively depend on computers to operate equipment for extracting information even from biological and chemical samples. As one of the most trusted data recovery firm, CSSI Data recovery keeps updated computer systems and ensures a transition from manual to automation across all verticals.  We have automated Software for comprehensive monitoring management of servers, network and applications. The netflow traffic and IP address are also monitored.

Establishment of Internal Policies 

We maintain internal policies that employees and contractors adhere to/waive their right to privacy when conducting business on business-owned and issued laptops, cell phones, or any other electronic device issued by the client. This makes it more professional and clear to the individuals within an organization that computer conduct is subject to being monitored/ seized for evidentiary value.  We have Strict Controls to block unsolicited access for the safety.

  • 24*7 Security Personnel for IDC Security and Premise Security
  • Bio-metric and Proximity Card Access Control System to for restricted access
  • 24*7 Video surveillance system

In recent years, organizations of all sizes have been impacted and effected by data breaches & leaks of confidential information, which have resulted in significant monetary & non-monetary damages. Perhaps your cellphone, laptop, computer, pen drive, or server carrying information just suddenly lost the data due to some mishap, leaving you clueless. If that ever happens, we have the best solution you can follow to manage the risk related issues. One of the best cloud service providers, CSSI offers the most reliable and affordable data recovery solutions.

To Sum it Up

You can acquire a series of data recovery solutions, but it is necessary to choose the solution suitable for your requirements.

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