Photo Recovery

Images, designs, photos and digital media content have become an essential part of our lives, be it for personal memories or business and commercial use. All such moments, content and imagery today is valuable and in most situation priceless when it comes to special moments in our lives, and we can name many such days.

We live in a digital era – digital cameras, movie making devices, mobile phones, and almost every device today can capture or playback events, moments and store these for future use.

However, such devices can also be prone to data loss. Be it accidental, memory chip failure, corruption or a host of other events that could result in data loss. Most images today are stored as “JPEG/JPG” file types. However, other popular formats are TIFF, PNG, GIFF, PSD just to name a few. Data Recovery technique for numerous file formats are also different so when it comes to photo recovery services it need skilled expertise to recovery for numerous photos file type from the effected media. JPEG Recovery, PNG Recovery, GIFF/TIFF Recovery, along with other file format recovery can also be part of photo recovery services that CSSI offers for our clients.

New digital SLR cameras support also RAW files and HD videos, and a recent published survey states end users have about 40% of data is digital photos on their computers. This value transition from print to digital is created media files to gain important as a valuable asset and proper processes should be used to back this up. In general, most images are created on SD cards, XD cards, MMC and USB flash drives as a primary storage and then copied or moved to our computers onto our local drive for storage, access or maybe even to an online storage repository.

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