Linux Recovery

Need an urgent recovery or want to get your recovery completed in your presence, home, office or on your server? Here is the perfect recovery service option for you! It is not always necessary for experts to have physical access to the damaged drive; where data can be recovered by software techniques, they can also be used remotely, with an expert using a computer at another location linked by an Internet or other connection to equipment at the fault site. Remote data recovery requires a stable connection of adequate bandwidth. However, it is not applicable where access to the hardware is required, as for cases of physical damage. RDR provides a cost effective, secure, fast and convenient service-repairing the data loss and returning the system tothe original working condition. Your data and hardware remain in your secure location.CSSI has been a trusted name in India for Remote data recovery process; we have standby qualified recovery engineers to log on via secure Internet link and recovery your data now. At CSSI, engineers are prepared for any data loss situation and in the event of data loss, custom solutions can be researched and developed quickly. In order to have the best possible and full recovery from your device, please follow the below given instructions carefully. Fill in the below details required, and supply an email that is not linked to the current PC or system you require data to be recovered from. Suggestion: turn off the current hard drive or system as you will be given step by step instruction on how to connect the device.

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