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Hard Drive/Disk Data Recovery

Hard Drive/Disk Data Recovery

Despite the continuously
growing reliability of storage devices, the loss of digital information remains
quite usual. The common causes of lost files may include human errors, software
malfunctions (such as computer viruses), power outages and hardware failures.
Luckily, the information stored on a digital medium is almost always
recoverable. Sometimes, you might accidentally
format your disk only to realize that you have deleted important files and
documents. This situation may happen when a disk or drive becomes crashed, and
your computer requests you to format the drive, only to realize that all files
are lost. The following article explains what Hard Drive/Disk Data Recovery is,
describes the most common data loss problems for hard drives and ways of
addressing them.

CSSI Data Recovery is  the most competent and a leading data recovery
company with over 12+ years of experience of restoring data from any physical
and logical failure of Hard Disk

Our company
provides flawless data recovery services, in-lab or at your doorsteps, in 4
simple steps, including free phone consultation, media analysis, data recovery,
and final delivery. With us, you can get sincere assurance, world-class
quality, & a delightful experience with 100% confidentiality of your data.


Hard Drive/Disk Data Recovery

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a non-volatile computer storage device that consists of rotating magnetic discs or platters. Random access memory (RAM) is the primary memory device, and it is a secondary storage device used to store data permanently. The term “non-volatile” refers to data that is retained even when the computer is turned off. The process of restoring lost files from laptops, desktops, servers, or any other computer system that relies on hard disk drives (HDDs) for data storage is defined as Hard Drive /Disk Data Recovery.

There are some of the most common data loss scenarios for
hard drives following :

§  Physical problems due to a drop or bumped drive

§  Disk read/write head failure

§  Power surge electronic damage

§  Bad motor controller

§  Failed cache memory

§  Failed voltage regulator

§  Failed PCB (printed circuit board), which can sometimes cause a
clicking noise

§  Corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record)

§  Corrupt partition table

§  Damaged interface, such as USB or SATA connector


§  Failed fuse, capacitor or resistor

CSSI Data Recovery treats and handles every case individually using an optimized process, analyzing a variety of factors including hard drive model, age, firmware revision, and failure scenario to create an appropriate recovery plan.


Because each of our locations is equipped with ISO 5 cleanroom technology, we’re able to perform all necessary component repairs on site. Our experts also have access to a number of other specialized tools, which allow us to repair hard drive firmware, read/write heads, and other components in a safe and valuable manner.

Our Data Recovery Process For Hard Drives

One Stop Destination for Hard Drive /Disk Data Recovery Services

Recover Deleted Data From the Hard Drive – We can easily recover any data from the during an event when your data gets deleted by mistake. We have professionals who are trained to retrieve your data using software at our disposal.


Damaged Hard Drive Recovery – There can be various reasons why a hard drive can get damaged such as mechanical damage to the hard drive such damage to the Read Head, Spindle Failures, electronic issues, Damage due to environmental forces such as fire, water, smoke etc.

Corrupted Hard Drive Recovery – You might find files with weird characters, Sector not found messages due to computer viruses which may have affected your hard disk. We can easily recover your files with software in such a case.

Failure of Firmware – Some the firmware might include start-up problems for the hard drive, failure recognize by the computer. A firmware failure can damage the whole hard disk even if there is no physical damage to the hard drive. To repair the firmware, one might need specialize recovery services which we at CSSI Data Recovery provides.

Formatted Hard Disk Recovery – As long as files are not damaged or overwritten, it is possible to recover to the data using Software. We at CSSI Data Recovery can easily recommend you with different type of software using which you can get back your data.

Dead Hard Disk Recovery – There might be the case that your data won’t be recoverable due to excessive damage to the hard drive so it is always advisable that you keep a backup of your data so that in case any tragedy happens you won’t lose your data.

Virus/Ransomware Attack File Recovery – Files stored on a hard drive can be corrupted or damaged by hard drive malware. Some hard drive malware includes spyware that steals personal data such as credit card/debit card numbers and then send it back to an unknown user or hacker. 

 Our main aim is to achieve customer satisfaction when it comes to recovering data from a Hardware device. We offer the most appropriate solution and hassle free 100% accurate recovery success rate to our customers. We provide the best-in-class data recovery services to our customers. If you want to consult with our professionals regarding any problem with your storage device, you can call us at https://indiacssi.co.in and get best relevant solution at any time.

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