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Data Recovery Services

Data is utmost valuable asset in this digital world. This asset could be lost or corrupted by various means there are lots of scenario’s which could be responsible for such data loss. The lost data can be recovered back but it need to be treated with sober since it involves sophisticated technology implementation with accuracy. The lost data could be retrieved or repaired by Data Recovery Services. These services are for the salvage of data and to prevent permanent data loss. Data recovery may be required in different scenarios like hardware failure or logical failure of storage devices. A number of reasons can be behind files/data getting corrupt. The most common factor from our experience is the “bad sectors” form on devices and corrupt files. The file or data did not write to the media properly or a system freeze occurs during writing or creating the ECC code. Such data recoveries are a daily occurrence here at CSSI and can be recovered.

Getting skilled solution data recovery services is a recommended alternative. Computer Storage Services India (CSSI) Private limited have been performing this job and are able to explain what if the lost data is recoverable or not. CSSI offers complimentary investigation of your device and take the necessary steps to safely recover the data. We offer our clients data recovery services for Hard disk drives, memory cards, USB Drives, CDs/DVDs, RAIDs and NAS/SAN boxes and many more data recovery services.

Most data stored on computer is still stored on a hard drive until it is overwritten, and these are delicate pieces of equipment, which can fail at any time. Failure is often total; however, there may be times when the disk is damaged which will prevent you from accessing certain bits of data, while other data files remain intact. So it is always recommended to have some really good analysis expert service when often you face such scenario. It will save your effort as well as your priceless data too. We at CSSI have experts who deal with these problems and will be able to advise you with the best solutions for the data recovery, whilst giving you a free non-obligation quote.

Even complex database of hundreds of Gigabytes can be reconstructed, and CSSI has had high success rates with Exchange Databases, SQL files, Voice, Movie and large file formats.
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