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Data recovery store near me HARD DISK DATA RECOVERY We understand that experiencing data loss can be a stressful situation, but we have built our service to be as simple. READ MORE Data Recovery Gurgaon DIGITAL FORENSIC SERVICES RAID data recovery cases always require all the drives that are involved in the setup, even if the problem was only caused by one failed drive. READ MORE Hard drive data recovery RAID DATA RECOVERY Remote Data Recovery services are one of the most common recovery technique used by data recovery READ MORE Data recovery store MAC DATA RECOVERY Macintosh or Mac is Apple designed personal computers which are widely used PC all over the world. READ MORE
About Us
Hard disk data recovery

CSSI India has been retrieving data from corrupted, failed hard disks or other storages devices since 2012. It is the most trusted and well-rounded best Data Recovery Company, and is well equipped with latest technologies and engineers with an experience of more than 20 years’, who are capable of dealing with all type of issues with storage devices and know the best remedies to tackle every type of different situations.  We professionally recover data from hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, SD Cards, and tapes. Along with Lab Data Recovery, we also provide Remote Data Recovery to different data centers, remotely located clients and even endow with hard disk-based digital forensics services.

We have a comprehensive pricing schedule that includes a free professional diagnostic evaluation, guaranteed all-inclusive price quote that will never increase, free shipping and free return media for completed projects, and “No data – No charge” commitment.

However, our proprietary technology allows us to recover data from virtually any failed media device. We work on RAID arrays and serverscomputer and laptop hard drivesflash drivescamera cards and much more.


Windows are most basic operating system used worldwide nowadays.


We understand the critical nature of loading and discharging liquid hydrocarbon cargoes.


Flash Drive are one of the primary storage used in portable devices such and Phone, Tablets etc.


 Hard Disk stops working, you are not able to see data, Drive is giving clicking sound or drive is not coming in “Disk Management”……Do not Panic! CSSI India would help you to recover your data.

Hard Disk Data Recovery
Hard Disk stops working, you are not able to see data,Drive is giving clicking sound or drive.
RAID Data Recovery
Recover RAIDs and Servers data with any type of configuration including Virtual Servers and Network RAIDs.
Laptop Data Recovery
Hard Disk Drives are most primary storage source used for storage of numerous data.       
Digital Forensics is referred to as computer forensic analysis, evidence discovery...
Remote Data Recovery services are one of the most common recovery technique.
Mac is Apple designed personal computers which are widely used PC all over the world...
“Why Choose CSSI ?”
The CSSI India is a great example of a professional data recovery

Pause for just a minute and think about the important information that is stored on your computer. If you are a home user, you’ll probably have many digital photos of family, friends and special events. You might also have some personal financial information and family documents as well. If you are a business user, you possibly have sales and inventory records, contracts, and other business financial records. No matter how you use your computer, you may still have personally identifiable information that can be used in identity theft.

No one wants to suffer computer data loss; unfortunately, the statistics show that all of us will probably suffer some form of loss eventually. In some cases, the hard drive will fail physically and require the services of a professional recovery lab. When that happens, you will want to find a recovery lab that you can trust. Since data rescue is a valuable and delicate procedure, you will want to make sure the facility takes safety and security measures that do not risk the files on the drive.

Other Highlights

  • Highest Success Rate
  • Free consultation
  • Clean Room Facility
  • 100% Data Privacy and Security
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Honest Pricing
  • No Data – No Charge
  • Remote Recovery Service
Our Mission

With full determination, our Emergency service our dedicated engineer/engineers would work on your media around the clock after normal business hours, weekends, and holidays. Our mission is to get you back in business as quick efficient and as cost-effective as possible. Business and consumer technology continuously advance. In order to best serve our customers, we routinely invest in research and development designed to discover new data recovery technology and methods


Our data research and development lab keeps continuing to work on new solutions and technology for data recovery from different storage devices.


We are also enhancing our ways to improve recovery speed and capabilities.


Our core area is to expand data recovery quality, and the types of storage devices, new storage technologies, RAID layouts, and file systems we can work with.

Data recovery services
regional computer forensics laboratory

It was a pretty amazing experience watching CSSI India staff remotely access my computer in Russia to recover all the data, which I thought was lost forever. It took them only couple hours to restore all the data intact. What a fantastic display of new technology! I wish more people were aware of remote data recovery possibilities

regional computer forensics laboratory
Ritesh Kumar

Thanks to CSSI to recover my data from a dead hard disk successfully. Really commendable job with least time taken and coordination with customers in both professional and helpful manners.
Team CSSI Thanks for your kind support.

regional computer forensics laboratory
Ahjinder Sing

I had lost around 400GB of data due to a crashed hard disk and CSSI got it all recovered. Appreciate their timely follow up and keeping me updated on the progress. Highly recommended.

regional computer forensics laboratory
Hari Mohan

Very good work. My hard disk of 1 Tb had crashed but they helped me recover the entire data. Comparatively the prices are also good. The number in the link is of Mr. Sandeep sho personally takes care of every case.

regional computer forensics laboratory
Srishti jain

They are very good in dealing data and responsive too. I highly recommend them.

regional computer forensics laboratory
Himadripeeu Peeu

The team is extremely helpful and went out of the way to support me on a holiday. Mr Sandeep was the person who took the trouble to come all the way to office on a holiday to help me recover my data .Besides the charges are reasonable. would recommend them as trustworthy and helpful

regional computer forensics laboratory
Moedha mago

These 5 stars are for delivering what I was communicated on phone. Though my photos were not recovered but the analysis time and no charges statement (if not able to recover) as told on phone was absolutely correct.
No hidden charges nothing…absolute transparency!! Great staff!!

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